Tequila can't really be appreciated without understanding at least some of the history of Mexico, and of the drink itself. In this site, you'll discover the truth about the myths surrounding tequila, be privy to it's rich history, receive an overview of how it is produced, and garner some tips on buying and tasting. You'll also learn recipes, and be linked to resources that will further enhance your understanding of this golden spirit. Come with us as we investigate the dynamics of this continually changing industry, where demand is outstripping supply.

We also invite you to see how the music of mariachi shares the spotlight, alongside tequila, as part of the unique Mexican experience. Mariachi is as intricately woven into the fabric of Mexican culture and history as is tequila. Mariachi continues to define both the Mexico of today and tomorrow with it's spirited sound and telling lyrics.

At the first annual Tequila and Mariachi Festival, you'll discover a favorite tequila while you sway to the sounds of Mariachi. Imagine yourself being serenaded under a warm sunset, cast in brilliant reds and yellows, as this legendary liquid imparts a warmth all its own into your very soul. Our hope is that as you visit these pages, you are inspired to take your own personal journey into the essence of Mexico...

For reservations to the Tequila & Mariachi Festival click here.



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Tequila the Essence of Mexico

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