Welcome to the tequila tasters club:
Please supply the following information and share some of your knowledge about tequila to other tasters and collectors. Enjoy!


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4. How long have you been collecting and/or tasting tequila?
5. How did you get interested in tequila tasting /collecting?
6. Favorite brands?
7. Any disappointments?
8. What was the most you have ever spent on a bottle?
9. Best Bargain?
10. Where do you go that boasts a good variety of tequila's for tasting?
11. Where do you typically purchase your tequila?
12. Favorite tequila recipes - either drink or for cooking?
13. Ever toured a tequila distillary? Impressions?
14. Ever attended a formal tequila tasting party?
15. Do you have any tequila tasting buddies who would be interested in this site? yes no
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