When summoning up thoughts of Mexico, the image of strolling mariachi's goes hand in hand with that of tequila. Visions of musicians, clad in stunning charro suits and hats, float in front of our minds eye and we can practically hear the guitars, violins, visuals, basses and trumpets.

If the hairs on your arms stand up at such a memory, you have been touched by the proud tradition which is mariachi. If you haven't yet had such an experience, you must. Many of us have enjoyed mariachi music locally, in restaurants or at cultural events and parties. Yet, it is to see them while in Mexico, strolling down the street, or serenading on a moonlit night, that true insight is provided into why this music has endured for generations.

Their songs tell a million different stories, as widely varied as from romance to death. They hold the secrets of an entire nation's history, from tales of wartime heroes to political revolutions. All the legend of the machismo of Mexico is held up in their soaring trumpets and proud stance.

Whether you are one who has never had a truly Mexican experience of Mexico, or are one whose fond memories of this warm land are already wrapped up in the melodies of mariachi, we invite you to enjoy their crisp, vivid and sweet sounds at the First Annual Tequila and Mariachi Festival in Spring 2002, La Paz, Mexico.


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