The moment the first sip is taken, you are drawn back in time. The ages unfold and you are connected to the history of this golden liquid and to Mexico itself. It is a romantic journey you embark upon, steeped in legend and lore. You are beckoned to see Mexico as it was, through times of war, times of royalty, times of defeat and times of victory. From the rows of blue agave to the secrets passed from generation to generation, you are invited to visit a world not our own, a world we can never fully know, nor one you can ever fully imagine.

What is known is that appreciation for this uniquely Mexican drink continues to grow. For those of us who visit, it is a part of Mexico that we can bring home with us. Whether you sip alone or in the company of others, your soul will be warmed as if being kissed by the heat of the Mexican sun. You become engulfed, once again, by the passions it stirs within you. Memories of losing yourself south of the border takes you dreamily away. For those of you who have never taken such a journey, we encouraged you to plan your excursion into this mysteriously warm and inviting land.

Build upon your memories, or begin your journey now, as you browse through the words and images collected here. Dive into the depths of history and culture and celebrate with us the legacy of Mexico. ¡Viva Tequila!

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